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How to cast using vCast Receiver

With vCast Receiver will allow you Mirror your Mac with touchback on the viewboard

  1. Launch the vCast Receiver on the board


  2. Click on "Tap Here for first use"


  3. Your Board and Mac should already be on the same network (SLUSD-STAFF or SLUSD-STAFF-WPA). Visit the URL in on the screen to down the vCast Receiver app on your Mac


  4.  Enter the Pin code on your board, on the website, and then click on the Mac link to download and install it on your Macbook


  5. Run the vCastSender.dmg file you just downloaded and follow the instructions on the screen


  6. Launch the vCastSender App (an Update might need to be installed)


  7. Enter Pin Code on board


  8. Click on the Cast Button


  9. NOTE vCastSender will need access to "Screen Recording" to be able to mirror the board and "Accessibility" to be able to control the mouse. Please Allow these in Privacy & Security


  10. Relaunch vCastSender and enter pin code as in step 8 and 9, and you should be able to mirror and control you Mac from the Board.